How to place new IMEI order

How to place new IMEI order

    We made it so easy that everyone can use our services and here for example unlock any mobile phone on the market. This is the imei services list by imei group. It may sometimes different in few details depending the tools used but it's mostly the same all the time. We will explain here in details how it works.

    Go to place order, IMEI service

    place order imei

    1. Select IMEI service

    2. Display group name of imei service

    3. Search service by write service name which you want to fnd or find service by selecting group or by brand and models

    4. The image of the service in use

    5. Recognise service name

    6. Service features, it should be order can cancel or not,Bulk IMEI, type,order verifiable or not

    7. Unlock price for that service

    8. Delivery time for this service. How long it should take for you to receive the service ordered

    place order form

    1. The title of the service and icon of the service

    2. Back link to go to previous list of service

    3. Enter IMEI number, it should be bulk service then click add this IMEI to bulk entry

    4. Enter Bulk IMEI numbers seperated by enter or new line

    5. We list here the supported models of phones for this services. Sometimes it can be different

    6. it can also shows MEP or PRD supported of service and input type of service

    7. The description of the service. Please read it carefully. Those details are very important. Each solutions may require different informations. Supported features, please read exactly what is supported and what is not

    8. Enter a note for this phone easy to remember for example the name of your customer and the price. Comments can be used in custom solutions as an extra field. Please read complete description for each service before sending request.

    9. Responce email of your customer who will receive custome reply

    10. Once you are ready press this button so submit your requests.

    11. Feedbacks from previous customers who have used this solution

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